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Waterjer cutting

Pressurized water, alone or with addition of abrasive sand of different grain sizes, allows us to cut a wide range of materials (steel, stainless steel, aluminum, copper, brass, titanium, PVC, polyethylene, nylon, Kevlar, fiberglass, carbon fiber, rubber, MDF, granite, marble, slate, tiles, etc.) and thicknesses (in some cases up to 100 mm).

Where the laser encounters difficulties, whether due to the sort of material used or thickness, waterjet is an efficient alternative. With tolerances similar to those achieved with laser cutting, allows to cut complex shapes in almost any material; with the added advantage that, being a cold process, does not alter the metallographic structure of the material on the cutting edge.

This feature is particularly important in steels subjected to heat treatment, since material physical properties do not change in the cutting process. A clean and burr free cut is obtained this way. In our facilities we have a machine with a cutting area of 3,400x2,000 mm.