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Laser cutting

The laser beam makes it possible to cut most metallic materials. A mix of gases, including carbon dioxide, excited by means of a high frequency current, or a YAG disc doped with Yterbio and bombed with diode light generates a monochromatic, coherent and directional light beam able to melt the material once properly focused onto the workpiece using a complex optical system in the first case, or optical fiber in the second case. Oxygen or nitrogen supply, depending on the application, allows a precise cut, burr and oxide free; producing in most cases parts ready to assemble without any additional process.

HYDRACORTE currently has four laser cutting machines for sheet metal, with powers of 6 and 8 kW and a maximum working range of 4,000x2,000 mm, which allows us to cut from 0.5 mm to 25 mm in steel, 40 mm in stainless steel and 25 mm in aluminium, as well as other materials such as brass, copper, galvanized steel sheet and titanium.