About us

HYDRACORTE, integrated in Grupo Caamaño (www.grupocaamano.es), was stablished in 2000, focusing its activity on industrial cutting for all sorts of materials by means of abrasive waterjet technology. After evolving continuously, diversifying and enhancing our capacity and resources, technical and human as well, we are able to offer in our extended workshop a quick and efficient service to accomplish aimed to fill customer requirements in cutting and metal forming activities .

We have a 6.000 m2 facility, which includes offices, work shop and warehouse; with a wide range of high tech machinery that makes it possible to manufacture parts in the most flexible and economical way, offering a comprehensive service.

Quotes and sale orders are registered in our integrated management system ERP/MES, that allows real time monitoring on the different designing, fabrication and quality control stages. Starting from the plans, our Technical Department imports and draws the contours in our CAD/CAM, system, accepting all usual formats, whether they are simple 2D designs or complex tridimensional modeled 3D structures. Depending on the geometry, material and thickness a suitable technology is chosen in order to achieve the best result.

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